Want to work with us !!

Our work spans Developmental Neuroscience, Cell and Molecular biology, Genetics, Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics analysis.

Before writing to us, please go through the Research section of our website and a few of our Publications to familiarize yourself with the work that we do. If what we do matches your interests then do reach out to us.


The different positions in the lab are as below.


PhD/ Graduate students

To apply through the inStem graduate program follow the details here.

The lab has openings for students who have their own PhD fellowship (DBT, CSIR, ICMR, DST-INSPIRE etc.) Write to Bhavana directly with your CV and one page write up on your research interests aligning with our work.


Postdoctoral fellows

Please write to Bhavana directly with your CV and a one-page writeup on what you would like to work in the lab and long-term goals.


Summer students/ interns, Master dissertation students

Please write to Bhavana directly for such positions with a short write up on your interests and what research would you like to undertake in the lab.


Currently, there are no JRF/Project associate positions open in the lab.